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Urban Waters Report Card

Primary Goal: Provide Tennessee Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4s) with an assessment tool to incrementally grade the quality of their streams.  

Report Card Project Objectives:

  • Develop a collective set of indicator parameters as established by the working group, and a grading scheme per parameter.
  • Grading scheme will be scaled from A, B, C, D, and F so that grades can be easily conveyed to the municipal government officials and the public – and visually appealing.
  • Assist in prioritizing stormwater control measures (SCM) and stream restoration projects, optimizing programs costs for the most environmental benefits.
  • Provide an effective, consistent long-term monitoring program where 
    the data can be used in spatial and trend analyses.

Anticipated Benefits:

  • A MS4 tool for effective public communication. 
  • Monitoring long-term stream quality incrementally over time.
    • Note: Not a substitute for the 303(d) designations.
    • Note: A common tool to compare among streams across the state.
  • Target SCM and stream restoration projects with limited MS4 resources. 
  • Optimize stormwater program efforts.
  • Support MS4 permittees with documenting evidence of improving stream conditions.

Working Group Members

  • City of Chattanooga: Joshua Rogers, Rebecca Robinson, Mo Minkara, 
  • City of Memphis: Maylynne Wilbert, Evan Boulanger, Heather Holtz, 
  • Hugh Teaford 
  • Nashville Metro: Mary Bruce, Veronica Logue, Michael Hunt
  • Hamilton County: Adam Reynolds
  • Knox County: Cathy Olsen, Quinn Cypher, Kaitlyn Klema
  • Shelby County: Chris Masin
  • Tennessee Stormwater Association: Chris Granju (representative)
  • Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation: Jennifer Dodd, Karina Bynum, Ann Morbitt, Kendra Abkowitz, Matthew Taylor, Bryan Davidson 
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville: John Schwartz, Tim Gangaware, Jason Brown, Andrea Ludwig, Jon Hathaway

Progress of the Working Group in 2021. Working through potential parameters (metrics).

  • Report Card Categories:
  • Water Quality
  • Watershed Hydrology
  • Stream Corridor
  • Channel Alternation
  • Channel Stability
  • Stream Habitat Quality
  • Riparian Corridor Quality
  • Community Values